Train your Eyes and Brain to master putting pace using the revolutionary PUTTINGLINE!

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Meet Dr. Andrew Bock

Dr. Bock has been an optometrist and avid golfer over 35 years.  He attended the first Natioal Academy of Sports Vision.  He has written articles on vision and putting.  And along with Brian Schwartz ran the acclaimed Vision Putting Academy at Goose Creek G.C.  Mira Loma, Ca.

I met all time great Putter Ben Crenshaw several years ago.  I asked Mr. Crenshaw to give me his best tip to improve my putting.  He replied  "determine the best pace to sink your Putt."

Improve Putting Quickly

ThePuttingLine uses principles of neuroptometry to train your brain/eyes to improve the pace of your putting. ThePuttingLine comes with an instructional DVD..  Just 10 minutes a day for one week is all you need to see big improvement.